The formal facts:

  • Born in the era when cool music still ruled the world
  • Graduated at the Royal academy for Art and Design, ‘s Hertogenbosch, NL
  • Illustrator

Stuff I’m totally into:

  • Painting/drawing.
  • Designing graphics, Art direction for the Roadburn Festival.
  • Old movies.
  • Classic rock.
  • Oldschool HEAVY/Doom/Deathmetal.
  • Traditional folk music.
  • 19th century and early 20th century English and French illustrators and painters.
  • Comics.
  • Vintage MAD Magazine.
  • Reading

My music:
Over the years I’ve formed and been a member of several bands in the bluesrock, doom and deathmetal scene (Such as Acrostichon, Black Melody, Robotmonster, Crustacean, Master(USA), Disembowel and House of Exorcism).