Engraved luxurious Anniversary edition on pre-order at Doomentia!

We’re very pleased to make this announcement:
The (very) special vinyl edition of Acrostichon‘s debut album, “Engraved in Black” is available on pre-order NOW at http://doomentia.com/ !!!

In the making for quite some time, and with reason.
We spent a lot of time on this edition and tried to make it as special as possible, with the incredible support of Doomentia’s Lukas, who also put his heart and soul into this release. This ultimate anniversary edition is totally filled to the brim with photos, and includes old and new artwork that Richard made for Acrostichon over the 1989-2012 period.

The “regular” edition includes the original album, presented in a gatefold sleeve, which on the inside includes a full-colour 24-page booklet. As an extra there’s a poster of the original black and white painting in a full A1 size! And that’s the “regular” edition?!!?! Cool or what!

Specs: special casewrapped gatefold with glued-in 350gsm jacket / 24pgs full-coloured massive booklet / A1 poster / black vinyl / limited to 400 copies.

To top that off, this edition is also available in this Die hard edition, in red vinyl and includes an exclusive backpatch.

Be sure to check it out!

Specs: special casewrapped gatefold with glued-in 350gsm jacket / 24pgs full-coloured massive booklet / A1 poster / Oxblood vinyl / high quality backpatch / limited to 100 copies.


Doomentia press release:

Sometimes, you just don‘t think about how much you care aboutsomething until you realize it‘s gone. Even if at first it seemed‚lost‘ in the flood of bands that were riding the death-metal wave inthe early 90‘s, despite the weak distribution and promotion skills ofthe label that released it back then, ACROSTICHON‘s debut soon provedto be a quite ‚one-of-a-kind‘ album. Not only were they the first bandsince Sabina Classen desecrated her microphone with HOLY MOSES toprove that yes, women could also have a brutal voice and attitude, butas a whole, ‚Engraved In Black‘ was altogether a different beast.

Sublimed by Colin Richardson – yes, the same guy who had alreadyproduced CARCASS and BOLT THROWER and was about to teach new dirtytricks to both FEAR FACTORY and MACHINE HEAD – sonic expertise andconsisted mostly of new versions of tracks originally written fortheir first two demos (‚Epilogue‘ and ‚Dehumanized‘), this was noordinary death-metal album. Quite epic and scope and far more thrashythan the other Dutch bands that were striving back then such asGOREFEST, it remains to this day a classic no real old-school death-metal fan can live without.
Right after the released of the classy and long sold-out vinyl only ‚Return To Killburg‘ album that featured their 2009 reunion show and a first CD reissue, ‚Engraved In Black‘ finally gets the treatment it deserves in LP format, thankfully through the ever-faithful DOOMENTIA label. And if you‘re accustomed to its high-standards, you should know already what you‘re gonna get. A ‚deluxe‘ twentieth anniversaryedition with a massive 24 pages KILLER booklet full of old flyers,pictures, liner notes and the full set of lyrics, along with abrand-new cover. BUY!!!!

Released by http://doomentia.com/

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