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Acrostichon, Band of the week at Terrorizer

Check here:

Or read the full unedited version of the interview on Kat’s blog:

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Revealing time! RETURN TO KILLBURG, Acrostichon live on vinyl!!

Let’s blast some cool news over the internet!

See that picture on the left?
It’s the artwork for the upcoming Acrostichon Vinyl release on Badger Records.
The first ever Live album by Acrostichon. What’s even cooler, it will be a DOUBLE(!!!!) album.

The first album will (if everything works out as planned) contain the complete 2009 reunion gig. This was a unique concert where the band performed the Engraved in Black album in it’s entirety!!  The recordings were made straight from the mixing desk and will be mastered by Robin Cornelissen, the band’s original soundguy. (Robin also produced the Dehumanized demo!!). There will be no remixing whatsoever so this will be rough Acrostichon, warts and all!  

The second album in the set will be filled to the rim with vintage demo recordings and other rarities. There’s going to be some cool never before released -or for that matter- not even heard by others than the bands itself, songs on this piece of heavy weight vinyl.
All of that in a gatefold cover designed and painted by Acrostichon’s guitarist Richard Schouten.

We’re busy as hell at the moment with the selection and mastering of these recordings trying to get this one released in the highest possible quality soon!

We’ll keep you posted on the exact tracklisting.

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Acrostichon comic?!

Legacy of Death press release:

Here it is folks! Coming late this year a new HORROR Comic book called DEATH SHRIEK. This will feature 5 short horror comic stories, each based on a song by the following Death Metal bands: ROTTREVORE, DERKETA, GRAVE DESCENT, ACROSTICHON, HUBRIS. There will be guest artists, announced soon. This is fully indorsed by the bands involved.

More cool details soon!!!!

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Help us out with your old pics

Anyone got old or new Acrostichon related pictures?  I’m currently working on a collage.

Send your pics to
info @
(without spaces of corpse)

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Fall release for Engraved in Black re-issue

Hot news!  The long awaited re-release of Acrostichon’s debut album Engraved in black is coming nearer.

Memento Mori records ( ) will release the CD at the end of september.

So, what’s to expect?

– The full 1992 album (of corpse!). NO extreme remastering, as it’s our opinion that the original master is what the album is supposed to sound like!
– New coverartwork by the bands’ graphic artist/guitarist Richard.
– A photo-filled booklet containing a bio, and ALL lyrics from the album (the original release excluded 2 lyrics).
– Cool bonus material. Demo’s rarities and 2 recent live recordings.

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