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We’ve added a posters/flyers section in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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Acrostichon at Maryland Death Fest X in 2012?

Well, we haven’t got a clue if that’s going to happen but a lot of people, the band itself included, would like to see it this event take place.

Acrostichon-crusader Scott McFadden started a Facebook group last year and revamped it for 2012 to get the band to make it’s very first US appearance.

2012 would be the perfect year.
2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Engraved in Black CD sessions with Colin Richardson and the 25th anniversary of the very first song, “Mentally Deficient”.

How can you help?
For starters, join the facebook group Campaign to Book Acrostichon at Maryland Deathfest X (2012) 
Scott and his pals will inform you further once you get there.

Spread the word!

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