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Danny “Bidi” van Drongelen

Danny “Bidi” van Drongelen.
8-12-1969 3-6-2017

Danny passed away over a month ago now but he’ll remain with us forever. Not just for his music related legacy but even more for simply being one of the good guys. A “no bullshit”, honest friend.

For some unknown reason I never called him by his nickname “bidi”. I got to know him as Danny at what must have been one of his first bookings, Gorefest in Tilburg, which was somewhere around 1990.

With Danny being a known perfectionist I do think it’s ironic that the only credit we’ve ever shared has a typo in it. That’s on the 1993 Myriad demo “Naturalism” on which it says “Cocer concept by Danny and Richard”.

I feel fortunate to have known you!

I wish Angel, Agnes, Michelle and all Danny’s friends strength


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