Napalm Death on Roadburn

I just made a flyer/poster design for a very special Napalm Death show at next year’s Roadburn Festival.

Here’s the flyer and be sure to read the press statement underneath.


Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway: ”The common currency of Napalm Death is clearly the fast and the furious, but as Roadburn likes to peel away the layers to find the quirks in its performers, we have decided to attempt bringing to the fore the slow, painful, dirgy elements of Napalm that sometimes get partially obscured by the …speed factor.

We have a number of songs, you could say, from the ‘no-wave’ stable heavily dripping in the sounds of Swans / Coil / My Bloody Valentine et al and will yank those out of the archives to try and construct something resembling a set.

Then, just as the audience are about to jump off the nearest building amidst the abject despair, we’ll probably machine-gun it all with a few bursts of dependable speed. Job done.”

For more information go to

I did the artwork in a small size (21 x 30 cm) in watercolour and gouache.



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