Derketa CD out now!

It has been a while since I last posted here.

DerketaWell, I haven’t exactly been scratching my ass during that time, haha.

I’ve done 2 covers since my last post. First up was Derketa’s “In death we meet”. It’s the band’s first ever full length in their 24 year in the Death metal scene. I’m honored to be a part of this special moment. Be sure to check it out and support this band!

For more info about this album check here:

Or order it right away here:
Or here

Next up was the cover-painting for a special 7 inch by the legendary Death metallers “Massacre”.
The painting was finished just in time and the design is being finished by Century Media right now. The single will be available within the next few weeks.

First one coming up now; Acrostichon’s Engraved in Black on vinyl.
The album will be released by Doomentia records and I’m planning on making that one very special.

More on this release soon!

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