New poster in the making! Dixie Witch, Roadsaw and Sasquatch eurotour.


This weekend was spent on drawing and painting the artwork for the upcoming european tour of the kickass package: Dixie Witch, Roadsaw and Sasquatch.

I decided to take another route and not go for the typical stonerrock “chicks and cars” or Fillmore hippie poster, but instead go for a camp but cool monster movie poster. Gotta love them giant bug movies in the 50’s. With the cars I gave it a 70’s twist.
Fortunately the bands liked the concept too so I’ve started drawing right away. It takes quite some time to stage a scene like this, with busted buildings, and such. Of course I spent way too much time on details that won’t be seen on the final poster, but what the hell. I painted it in black and white and colored it digitally. I know it’s unorthodox, but I like the flexibility. It’s a lot easier to change colors around afterwards when that’s all done digitally.

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