Abomination Tourposter

I’m working on a couple of posters and album covers at the moment. One of them stands out for me personally. The Abomination 2011 eurotour poster. Ever since I heard the debut album in 1989 I’ve loved Paul’s music.  In 1992 My band did a couple of gigs supporting Paul’s other band Master and the year after I had the honor of playing guitar in Master myself. I’ve been friends with Paul ever since.  I’ve also done a few pieces of design and artwork for Master and Solutions (Another one of Paul’s projects) but I’ve never had the opportunity to do artwork for my fave Speckmann band Abomination, because of the simple fact that the band was disbanded, and a couple of years ago Dean, the guitar player of the band tragically died of MS.

Years past and now, 22 years after the debut album, the band is resurrected with session musicians to enable todays audiences to hear the great Abomination music live once again. Needless to say I’m thrilled to do this tourposter.

There’s still some work to be done but I thought it might be fun to show the work in progress. Here’s the base poster in the latest version. This isn’t a definitive verion but it gives a pretty good idea where it’s headed.

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