Roadburn day 2 and 3 Place of Skulls and Candlemass

The Place of Skulls show yesterday was great. It was a honor to compliment such a great set with my graphics.

This afternoon I finally got to do the lengthy Candlemass show. It was really exciting.
The band performed three sets (one with the new singer, a set with the singer of the first album, and ending with a few songs with both singers combined).
It was, according to me, the best sounding band of Roadburn 2011. The’re great musicians and their soundtechnician is outstanding.
I was very happy with the speed I used in the slides and full-motion video pieces I made. The combination of the music and the images on the screen blended very well.

My work is done!!

I did manage to see some of the other bands too. Last night’s Voivod show was awesome. It felt like returning to 1985. The energy and fun was blasting at you from the stage. The show I saw them do today was very good too, but the one last night….WOW, that was something else!

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