Roadburn day 1

Day one was great.

I arrived at the same time as Pentagram. That was a fun beginning of this year’s Roadburn. I met with Bobby, Greg and new dude Albert right away. The’re great guys. It was great to see Bobby was looking good and he turned out te be a very friendly and fun guy.  He grave a great performance this night

Today was my first videoshow and a slideshow.

The Acid King show went really well. The bright colors were obviously a good choice. They blasted of the screen.
The speed was much better than my old Acid King video. It really merged with the music now.
And of course, just as I expected, the band was great too! Great stuff.

The Pentagram show went great too. The band was brilliant! Bobby’s voice was great and Victor’s signature sound was freaking awesome.

Someone was extremely fast with uploading this. You can even see my monitors in the foreground.
The guy who filmed this little clip must have been standing right behind me.

Anyway. All in all a great first day!!

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