Ready for Roadburn….almost

I’ve worked my ass off for the past few days to get my Roadburn shows finished and it paid of.

…after the ruined paintings, I had a ink bottle fall over on my work and after I recovered from that my “Roadburn harddisk” crashed so I had to redo a part of the Acid king video-editing too. Yess, it got worse and worse.
It’s sure been a Murphy’s law kinda deal for me, this year’s Roadburn prep., but I pulled it off!!

I’ve compromised a little by producing a portion illustrations digitally with manipulated photos and digital drawings/collages instead of manually drawing and painting every single picture but I think the overall look will still work great with the bands.
I still managed to get one ink-drawing and a painting into the Place of Skulls show’s backdrops and 6 paintings and 1 digital painting into the Pentagram backdrops. The rest of the images were done with digital manipulation.

The Acid King videoshow is all finished. I think that one will rock on the large screen in the 013 main hall, as will the lengthy Candlemass show. After a little update in the running order that one is burned on DVD and ready to go too!!.

All that’s left to do is some DVD authorization.

I’m so pleased that everything’s finished.
If you’d predicted it yesterday I would have laughed it off. 😛

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