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Roadburn 2011 pics

I just found some cool photo’s of my work for this year’s Roadburn festival so I thought I’d share ‘m here.

Acid king


Slideshow of paintings and manipulated photo’s


Place of Skulls
Slideshow of paintings and manipulated photo’s


Videoshow and slideshows

Festival backdrops
Paintings, inkdrawings and photomanipulation


Earth vs the flying saucers

Yeah! I’ve found me a second copy of the super 8 version of Earth vs the flying saucers. Call me movie nerd fanboy as much as you like but I love this stuff to death!

OK, let’s share some of my enthousiasm :) . As much as I like the film, with the oh-so-cool Ray Harryhausen effects, I love the 8mm version even more. The box art is my absolute fave piece of artwork in my 8mm collection. In my opinion it’s even better than the original poster art from this movie. Everything in the design works: the minimalistic colors look like a popart silkscreen print and the typography is so much better than the poster. Even the “8mm home movie” serves it’s purpose in the total look of the box.

Here’s the poster to show you what I’m talking about.

First of the Roadburn illustrations

I’ll be posting more of my Roadburn work in the next few days.

Here’s the first one. It’s one of the backdrops I painted for the Pentagram show.

A vintage portrait of Bobby Liebling

Pentagram - Bobby Liebling

Roadburn day 2 and 3 Place of Skulls and Candlemass

The Place of Skulls show yesterday was great. It was a honor to compliment such a great set with my graphics.

This afternoon I finally got to do the lengthy Candlemass show. It was really exciting.
The band performed three sets (one with the new singer, a set with the singer of the first album, and ending with a few songs with both singers combined).
It was, according to me, the best sounding band of Roadburn 2011. The’re great musicians and their soundtechnician is outstanding.
I was very happy with the speed I used in the slides and full-motion video pieces I made. The combination of the music and the images on the screen blended very well.

My work is done!!

I did manage to see some of the other bands too. Last night’s Voivod show was awesome. It felt like returning to 1985. The energy and fun was blasting at you from the stage. The show I saw them do today was very good too, but the one last night….WOW, that was something else!

Roadburn day 1

Day one was great.

I arrived at the same time as Pentagram. That was a fun beginning of this year’s Roadburn. I met with Bobby, Greg and new dude Albert right away. The’re great guys. It was great to see Bobby was looking good and he turned out te be a very friendly and fun guy.  He grave a great performance this night 

Today was my first videoshow and a slideshow.

The Acid King show went really well. The bright colors were obviously a good choice. They blasted of the screen.
The speed was much better than my old Acid King video. It really merged with the music now.
And of course, just as I expected, the band was great too!
I just love the extreme guitar sound that Lori produces. Great stuff.

The Pentagram show went great too. The band was brilliant! Bobby’s voice was great and Victor’s signature sound was freaking awesome.

Someone was extremely fast with uploading this. You can even see my monitors in the foreground.
The guy who filmed this little clip must have been standing right behind me.

Anyway. All in all a great first day!!

Ready for Roadburn….almost

I’ve worked my ass off for the past few days to get my Roadburn shows finished and it paid of.

…after the ruined paintings, I had a ink bottle fall over on my work and after I recovered from that my “Roadburn harddisk” crashed so I had to redo a part of the Acid king video-editing too. Yess, it got worse and worse.
It’s sure been a Murphy’s law kinda deal for me, this year’s Roadburn prep., but I pulled it off!!

I’ve compromised a little by producing a portion illustrations digitally with manipulated photos and digital drawings/collages instead of manually drawing and painting every single picture but I think the overall look will still work great with the bands.
I still managed to get one ink-drawing and a painting into the Place of Skulls show’s backdrops and 6 paintings and 1 digital painting into the Pentagram backdrops. The rest of the images were done with digital manipulation.

The Acid King videoshow is all finished. I think that one will rock on the large screen in the 013 main hall, as will the lengthy Candlemass show. After a little update in the running order that one is burned on DVD and ready to go too!!.

All that’s left to do is some DVD authorization.

I’m so pleased that everything’s finished.
If you’d predicted it yesterday I would have laughed it off. :P


Bad news!

11 paintings ruined!

Yesterday I found out that a tipped over cokebottle had ruined 11 of my Pentagram watercolours  beyond repair. These paintings were to be used as backdrops on their Roadburn gig. Pentagram being one of my alltime fave bands, it’s quite an honor for me to do this show so you can imagine my dissapointment with this happening.

Because of time contraints, I will have to fill this huge gap with digitally made images now.

I’ll try my best to make it still look great (…and I promise it will!!) but for me, personally, it will never be as cool as I had meant it to be.

Shit happens, they say, but it’s tough to get over this one. Let me tell you!

Place of Skulls ‘Love Through Blood’ EP re-issue now available

After searching for this recording for quite some time it’s finally made available again.
And this time I even got to do the front-cover. How cool is that?

Go check it out!

Here’s the press release:

‘Love Through Blood’ EP re-issue now available on Outlaw Recordings, Maniacal Records, & on tour

It’s the 10th anniversary of the recording of these 4 songs and Place of Skulls is still going strong. So we decided it was a good time to make this available again.  The new edition is limited to 1,000 and comes in a digi-pack with all new artwork.  It also features two exclusive live bonus tracks. The first being “Wartime” (This Griffin penned song was originally recorded on the second Pentagram LP ‘Day Of Reckoning’), and the other being their version of “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”.  Both were recorded live at the Hammer Of Doom 4 Festival in Wurzburg Germany in 2010.

The CD is a joint release with Outlaw Recordings & Maniacal Records. Also available on the upcoming Place of Skulls ‘As A Dog Returns’ European tour!