New Place of Skulls shirts!

I just finished two T-shirt designs for the upcoming tour of Knoxville, TN ‘s Place of Skulls.

The first one is an all new shirt I painted in watercolor, and the second one is a revision of my earlier design.

place of skulls 2011 shirt

Place of Skulls 2011 "as a dog returns" tour shirt

4 responses to “New Place of Skulls shirts!”

  1. Terry Miller says:

    I MUST know when these are available! Awesome work!

  2. Rich says:

    Hey Terry, Thanks for the praise!

    They should be available right now at their shows. The band is touring through Europe at the moment.
    This tour will end next week at the Roadburn Festival, where for Victor the Pentagram tour will will start off.

    So if you’re not from europe, you could contact PoS to secure a shirt. Here’s their email: placeofskulls @ (without spaces of course)

  3. emily smith says:

    i think is really nice, i’m 12 and i’m in homework club and i come from Spain. i’m gothic and i like this image but maybe need more details and sold posters. i need a big image of it for my room, but i think my mum is gonna say i am really young for that. but i need one for my computers background and maybe u can add more gothic images

  4. ali hussain says:

    superawesome work on t shirt wao