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Here’s a flyer I just did for the 2011 Roadburn Festival.

I took the oportunity to pull out all the stops and make it an oldschool¬†design it the style of those early eighties compilation LP’s.
You know, the ones that promised speed-metal and delivered Uriah Heep and Nazareth :)

All the “Metal” stuff was done “by hand” in Illustrator.

Roadburn 2011 Metal Disco

New Place of Skulls shirts!

I just finished two T-shirt designs for the upcoming tour of Knoxville, TN ‘s Place of Skulls.

The first one is an all new shirt I painted in watercolor, and the second one is a revision of my earlier design. 

place of skulls 2011 shirt

Place of Skulls 2011 "as a dog returns" tour shirt