Have a great 2011!

Well, that was the end of another year.  And quite a special year for me. It’s been ages since I’ve done this amount of music related stuff. A load of flyers and posters, a few videoshows and I’ve been working on a few record covers. Hell, I’ve even started recording one.

It’s been a very chaotic, busy but all together GREAT year.

The best parts?

  • Designing a shitload of stuff for Roadburn (one of my fave things to do for the last few years)
  • Collaborating with some of my artistic heroes (Leif of Candlemass and Tom Fisher of Tryptikon/Celtic Frost) on videoshows.
  • Landing a very special record deal with Disembowel, after 20 years!
  • Re-designing the cover for the re-issue of the first Acrostichon album (finally, after disliking my original first one for years).
  • Seeing AUTOPSY, Repulsion, Pentagram, D.R.I. and Jucifer on Maryland Death Fest
  • Seeing Cathedral’s 20th anniversary show in London and even topping that with a visit to Tate and Lord Leighton’s house, all in one weekend!


Let’s hope 2011 will be as good as that!

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