Great time in London

On friday we attended the 20th anniversary show of Cathedral. The first set , the entire first album, was amazing. I’ve never seen ‘m play this material this great. The sound quality was way better than in the old days. They even used the old intro (Diamanda Galas).  It’s a shame it was a one-time-only thing.
The second set was great, kind of a “Cathedral’s greatest hits”.

I went to London to see Cathedral, but the museum visits on saturday were even more impressive.

I got to visit Lord Leighton’s house. I’d been searching for it on a previous trip to London.
It’s totally restored and a museum now. It was great to see how this painter lived. I knew the guy had some money to spend in his days but I never guessed it would be this elaborate. Apart from his own sketches and some paintings the house contains some of Leighton’s own collection. It was being in in his head. I’m glad I finally still got to see all of this. It gave me some insight in the man.

I also revisited Tate Gallery, home of some of my favorate paintings.



Special thanks to Walter, Esther, Martin and Kate for making me feel very welcome in their homes!

This was one GREAT weekend!

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