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New gallery section: Comics

I’ve included some of my funnier stuff in a seperate section in the galleries (see “about me” menu)


Let’s celebrate Christmas with a marker sketch I did two years ago of that iconic movie depiction of Jesus; the 1977 movie starring Robert Powell.


New Gallery section – Posters and Flyers

I added a “Posters and Flyers” section to the gallery.

Most of them also include my own artwork, the rest I merely designed. In some cases the bands provide me with album art and such to use on the flyers.

Acrostichon painting finished

I just finished the painting for the tray of the re-issue. I still have to color it but it looks pretty disturbing already :)

Additional Acrostichon artwork

I’m working on the cover for the re-issue of the first Acrostichon LP at the moment and I’m in the middle of a painting.  I thought it might be fun to give you guys a peek. I finished penciling the illustration and I’ve just started painting.

FYI: The brown tape is there to keep my paper in place. It’s not part of the picture.

Place of Skulls – The Gates of Slumber tour poster finished

I finally got the tourposter finished.  This was a fun one to do. I used a mix of several techniques to produce it. The knight and shield are black and white watercolors and the background was done in ink (you’ll find them in last month’s posts).
The design is a combination of illustrator/photoshop and indesign.

The coloring of the black and white artwork was done in Photoshop. I like the “colored black ‘n white” technique.
It enhances the vintage look.

(click the picture to enlarge)

Terrorizing Roadburn

I just finished an add for the upcoming Roadburn festival. I thought it would be fun to expose the combined efforts of Eva, Chris and me so I used a selection of the flyers we’ve made and designed an add around those. A poster-filled wall seemed appropriate.

Great time in London

On friday we attended the 20th anniversary show of Cathedral. The first set , the entire first album, was amazing. I’ve never seen ‘m play this material this great. The sound quality was way better than in the old days. They even used the old intro (Diamanda Galas).  It’s a shame it was a one-time-only thing.
The second set was great, kind of a “Cathedral’s greatest hits”.

I went to London to see Cathedral, but the museum visits on saturday were even more impressive. 

I got to visit Lord Leighton’s house. I’d been searching for it on a previous trip to London.
It’s totally restored and a museum now. It was great to see how this painter lived. I knew the guy had some money to spend in his days but I never guessed it would be this elaborate. Apart from his own sketches and some paintings the house contains some of Leighton’s own collection. It was being in in his head. I’m glad I finally still got to see all of this. It gave me some insight in the man. 

I also revisited Tate Gallery, home of some of my favorate paintings.

The highlights:

Ophelia, by Millais.
It’s a delight to see this one in person. I’ve never seen a reproduction that captures the colours and incredible detail in this painting.

Lady MacBeth, by Sargent.
A beautiful dramatic piece. Sargent is mainly known these days for his portraits, but he did so much more than that.

Francis Bacon’s Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion
Very different from the 19th century paintings, but still extremely expressive and dramatic.

Wallis – The Death of Chatterton
I had never seen this painting in person. I’d seen it in numerous books and have always loved the drama, but I would have never guessed it was as detailed as it is. The Glass in the background window is absolutely fantastic, as is the cloth on which the poet is lying. A very impressive painting, both in content and technique.


Special thanks to Walter, Esther, Martin and Kate for making me feel very welcome in their homes!

This was one GREAT weekend!